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Visit this gem-field to search for Topaz, Smokey Quartz, and Aquamarine. This field is easily accessed on a formed gravel road some 45K from Mt Surprise. There is a managed campground close to the diggings which provides basic showers and toilets for a fee. Call at our shop in Mt Surprise for more information or download the visitor information sheet from https://www.dnrm.qld.gov.au/
O’Brien’s Creek campground: P 4062 3001


This gem-field is accessed on the gravel road travelling west some 90K from Forsayth. This large area is well known for its Thundereggs, Agates and quartz crystals. Maps and information are available from our shop in Mt Surprise or download the visitor information sheet from www.dnrm.qld.gov.au


This gem-field is accessed via gravel road leading out of Innot Hot Springs. Here you can access the old glittering star mine no longer in use. Topaz, Fluorite, and quartz can be found here. VI sheet download at www.dnrm.qld.gov.au


This gem-field is accessed by travelling down the Kennedy Developmental road approximately 30K passed the Mt Surprise turnoff after the forty mile N.P. Be advised you have to park off the road & enter the property via the turn-style in the fence. Follow the path some 800m to the diggings. It is advisable to use water to wash through the gravels so be prepared to carry your own.
For more information on the Lava Plains area download the visitor information sheet at www.dnrm.qld.gov.au


This moonstone area is very near Blackbrae’s N.P. on the road between The Lynd and Hughenden. There is a gate to access the small hill and camping is allowed in the N.P. through self registration.


This is an active cattle station which also has the Gouldian Finch visit periodically. Prospecting for gold is the main activity here. A metal detector is needed along with your fossicking licence and good shoes for plenty of walking.


This is another cattle station allowing prospectors to metal detect for gold. Accessed from Forsayth where you can get more information from the locals.


This is one of the newest gold prospecting areas to allow people to access known gold areas. Camping is permitted but you must contact the owners to find out just where as they may be mustering their cattle.


The winter months are the coolest and the driest so between Easter and the end of September are the most popular times with June/July/August being the busiest. The gem-fields are open all year but due to seasonal rains making the tracks impassable and creeks flooded along with tropical heat making it very hard to enjoy physical pursuits we would definitely advise people to take care and research carefully. Its always good to talk with the locals.


Fossicking licences are sold at the shop. This licence can be used to access any of the designated fossicking areas within Queensland. Be Aware each state has its own rules and regulations.

Bird watching

A great day out for the family. Why not go out and discover some of the exclusive bird life we have to discover here at Mount Surprise. Click here for a list of birds you might find.


At our shop you will find lots of interesting things such as clothing, accessories and homewares through to our range of gemstones and gifts made from stones found in the region.

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